Mini-Split Ductless Heat Pumps from B & B Heating & Cooling Help you Manage Warm Summers and Cold Winters in Florissant

Whether you are looking for comfort boost in one room, two rooms, three rooms, or even four rooms, B & B Heating & Cooling in Florissant has a mini-split heat pump to accommodate your needs. Our mini-split heat pumps from Lennox® provide highly efficient and very quiet performance year after year.

Their ductless design eliminates the possibility of difficult installation problems or expensive modifications later on. Plus, their efficient, all-in-one heating and cooling system makes sure your home is comfortable all year long. Explore the models we offer.

Whether you want service for your mini-split heat pump or need a new unit, B & B Heating & Cooling in Florissant is ready to serve you. Call us at 314-325-7552 or set up an appointment with us using our online scheduler.

* SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, measures the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump. A higher SEER rating means greater energy efficiency and more savings for you and the environment.

** HSPF, or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, measures the heating efficiency of your heat pump. A higher HSPF rating means greater energy efficiency, more savings and is better for the environment.